Boilers installation and repair in somerset, pa

Modern Boilers Are Excellent Heating System Options

We do not think of boilers usually when we consider modern residential or commercial heating systems. We know boilers best for their operation in past generations. They have, however, been upgraded and are an excellent heating system choice for homeowners, landlords, and business owners.

The key difference between boilers and furnaces is that boilers transfer the heat in hot water, which is a hydronic heating system, while furnaces move heat as warm air. A boiler emits heat in radiators and other radiant heating options. Zone controls give the homeowner or business owner the ability to control the heat in each room.

Menser Inc. Has the Expertise to Repair or Install Boilers

Menser Inc. can repair, replace, and install boiler systems in Somerset, PA, and the surrounding region. There are many different types of boilers on the market today, including water tube, fire tube, and packaged. Menser Inc. can expertly repair boilers thanks to our training, experience, and modern tools and equipment. When you want to replace your current boiler with a new unit, give Menser’s staff a call at (814) 445-8630.

Common Signs That It May be Time to Replace Your Boiler

Boilers are durable, but the homeowner or business owner will eventually need to replace them. When your energy bills rise, or the boiler begins to leak, or it makes unsettling sounds, you should replace it with a more energy efficient one. Menser Inc. can come to your home or business, diagnose the problem, and suggest either repair or installation of a new boiler. You can trust that our technician will be honest with his assessment of the boiler. We will install the new boiler as soon as possible. You will notice a difference in your electric bill and how the new boiler operates.

Contact us when you need our heating services in Somerset County and the surrounding region.